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A couple months ago I challenged Stitch Fix to find me the perfect pair of fall jeans. It was so much fun, and I ended up with a fantastic pair of distressed Pistola jeans with an interesting wash and ankle zippers. That experience inspired be to try it again, but this time with booties. I asked Stitch Fix to send me five pairs of booties, and gave them a description of what I already had and what I was looking for. I was really hoping they would send me some fun fall-colored booties, because the two pairs I have are neutral. I also need ones without a ridiculously high heel, because although those look really awesome, they’re just not practical for my stay-at-home-mom lifestyle.

How Stitch Fix Works

  • Sign up for Stitch Fix and fill out their style profile. At the end of the profile there is also a ‘note’ where you can tell your stylist what you’re looking for. This month I said I would like five pairs fall booties.
  • A stylist will choose five items and send them to you. In addition to clothing you can receive accessories, jewelry and shoes.
  • Stitch Fix charges a $20 styling fee which will be credited toward any purchase.
  • Try on everything! You have three days to send back anything you don’t want to keep.
  • If you keep all five items you get 25% off! A lot of people will keep their whole box and then sell anything they don’t want on a Facebook B/S/T group in order to get the discount.
  • Stitch Fix also sells Stitch Fix Gift Card.
  • Did you hear that Stitch Fix now styles men? See what they sent my husband Kyle!

Let’s see what they sent me!

Fall Bootie Face-Off

TOMS Majorca Perforated Peep Toe Booties ($98)

I actually have a pair of TOMS Majorca shoes already. They were a staple for me this summer, and I’ve actually had my eye on this version of the style. I really like the color, but I’m concerned about the peep toe when it gets really cold. My stylist suggested wearing them with thick tights, but I would only wear those when wearing skirts and dresses. Therefore, I chose to style them with socks too see how that would work… not well. I didn’t want to be limited to only wearing these with tights, so I decided to send them back. Though if I still lived in Oregon, where it doesn’t get as cold, I probably would have kept these.

Status: Returned

Same color different pattern at NordstromThese shoes come in lots of different colors from Amazon

Diba Alora Studded Buckle Bootie ($90) 

These booties are so comfortable. As soon as I slipped my feet into them I could feel the cushy body of the bootie. While I love olive as a neutral, I was hoping for more of a statement color. I’m also not a fan of how edgy these look. However, if you like the look of the shoe I would highly recommend them.

Status: Returned

Similar from Modcloth

Diba Lea Bow Bootie ($90)

I love the color of these booties. As soon as I saw them I was hoping these would be my keepers. I think the bow detail is so cute, but the bow isn’t fixed. This means, even if you’re inept at bow tying like me, you still need to do it yourself. Mine came to me untied, so I had to struggle to get them to look halfway decent for photos. They also weren’t as comfortable as I was hoping (especially after trying on the other Diba booties), and I didn’t like the look of the bungee on the inside of the shoe.

Status: Returned

I had a really difficult time finding cute mustard booties, but here are some mustard heels from Modcloth that have a similar feel to them.

Lucky Brand Yamina Wedge Bootie ($139)

These booties are very comfortable (gotta love wedges!) and have a really cute bow detail in the back. They definitely feel like they’re high quality, but again, while the brown color is really pretty, I was hoping for more of a statement color. I almost kept these, but I decided I wouldn’t get enough wear out of a third pair of neutral booties to be worth the price.

Status: Returned

These shoes also come in more colors on Amazon

BC Footwear Union Contrast Material Booties ($80) 

These shoes are made in California, which I really like. They also have a little cushion to the sole of the shoe, but I’m concerned that would wear down after use. I’m also not a fan of the shorter height of the bootie; I think they make my pants look too short. The black and gray combo is not really my style, and definitely is not colorful.

Status: Returned

Same shoes in two different colorways on Amazon


If you’ve been paying attention you’ll notice that I sent back all five pairs of booties. It’s obviously a disappointment because I didn’t get to use the $20 styling fee credit, but I ultimately decided I didn’t want to settle for a pair of booties that wasn’t quite what I was looking for. Even though I didn’t keep anything this time, I’ll still use Stitch Fix next time I’m looking for something.

Do you agree with my decision? What would you have kept?

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