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That’s right folks. Stitch Fix is now for men. As a longtime subscriber of Stitch Fix myself, I of course forced persuaded Kyle to give it a try. We sat down together to fill out his style profile and request a fix.


How Stitch Fix Men Works:

  • Sign up for Stitch Fix and fill out their style profile. At the end of the profile there is also a ‘note’ where you can tell your stylist what you’re looking for.
  • A stylist will choose five items and send them to you. In addition to clothing you can receive accessories and shoes.
  • Stitch Fix charges a $20 styling fee which will be credited toward any purchase.
  • Try on everything! You have three days to send back anything you don’t want to keep.
  • If you keep all five items you get 25% off!
  • Stitch Fix also sells Gift Cards.

He thought the style profile process was simple, and all encompassing without being too long or arduous to fill out. Kyle also informed his stylist that he works in a lab where he has to wear long pants, and that he has very big feet so if they send shoes to send ones that run large. Stitch Fix stocks men’s shoe sizes up to 13; Kyle typically wears anything from a 14 to a 16. Finally he mentioned that we live in Minnesota, and is looking for fall/winter appropriate clothing.

Kyle’s box arrived right on schedule! The feminine white and robin’s egg blue was replaced by natural cardboard and hunter green, and crisp, white tissue swapped for brown paper. Laying on top of the neatly folded and wrapped clothing was the note from his stylist. It read:

Hi Kyle, welcome to Stitch Fix. Thanks so much for scheduling with us. I see that you are looking for some cool weather pieces, and based on your profile I am sending five that will go well together, and with things you already have in your closet. The 7 Diamonds chinos will be great for work with the Ezekiel shirt, Boconi belt (it’s reversible), and the Howe jacket. The jacket is a great style and weight for fall and can also be worn over the Hawker Rye shirt with your favorite pair of jeans and sneakers for the weekend. Dress the chinos up with the Hawker Rye shirt and a blazer for a more dressy look that is perfect for a date night. We thrive on feedback at Stitch Fix, so please add comments before you check out so that we can learn from your experience. Cheers, Shalie

Stitch Fix Men also includes the style cards. Here are the ones that came with Kyle’s box:

Kyle’s First Fix:

Ezekiel Fairmont Dobby Shirt – $57

(this exact shirt for sale)

Kyle’s opinion: Aside from the obvious fit issues, I liked this shirt.  The material felt comfortable and soft and the color/pattern were aligned well with my sense of style.  I just felt a bit like a schlubby Hulk the way my chest was straining against the buttons.  This is a common fit issue I have with shirts, however; they’ll fit the way I like around my middle, but the chest and shoulders will feel too tight and (as was also the case with this shirt) the arms will be too short. Status: Returned

7 Diamonds Journey Straight Fit Chino -$78

(similar chino by Ralph Lauren)

Kyle’s opinion: I liked the material and general look of these pants, but I prefer pants to be a little less baggy in the legs.  They seemed a little too long, as well, but I think a tight fit in the legs would have helped the pants stay up off of my feet a little better.  The waist was a perfect fit, which made me happy because it’s always hard to tell how a particular waist size will fit, depending on the style and brand of pants.  I’m not super crazy about the color; it’s doesn’t show that well in photos but it’s a mustardy khaki that seems vaguely reminiscent of overalls a roughneck might wear on an oil rig, but I think it could grow on me.  At least it would do a better job of hiding child-induced stains than my lighter khakis. Status: Returned

Boconi McCartney Leather Reversible Belt – $38

(reversible belt by the same brand)

Kyle’s opinion: I like this belt, and I’ll be keeping it.  There’s not too much to say about it, other than the fact that it’s nice to effectively have two belts in one.  It feels like it will last me a while, which is saying something because I tend to run my clothing into the ground. Status: Kept

Howe Outsider Knit Zip Up Jacket – $110

(similar jacket that also comes in dark gray)

Kyle’s opinion: I like the idea of this jacket, I really do.  But the one that was sent was clearly made for a ten-year-old.  I might have kept it if it fit, though the price was a little higher than what I would like to spend for a jacket that would likely need an outer layer in the dead of the Minnesota winter.  It felt like it would be pretty warm, and would probably get me through November before needing help.  I imagine I would like the look as well if it were bigger and I didn’t look like an over-inflated inner tube. Status: Returned

Hawker Rye Essential Wash Long Sleeve Shirt – $58

(similar button-up shirt)

Kyle’s opinion:  This shirt was great, I just don’t think I need it right now.  I have plenty of shirts like this.  The material was a little less soft than the other shirt in the set, but it also felt a little more sturdy.  The fit was just about right, with only a little tightness in the chest, but as I mentioned before, that’s pretty common for me.  All things considered I would have bought this shirt if I didn’t already have some similar pieces. Status: Returned


Kyle was overall really happy with how easily Stitch Fix Men nailed his style, and had fit not been an issue he conceivably could have kept the whole box. I know he’s going to get a lot of use out of the belt. Out of the three clothing subscription services he’s tried, this one is his favorite. I’m excited that we now have Stitch Fix to turn to next time he needs something.

What did you think of his fix? Are you going to give Stitch Fix Men a try?

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