Today feels really weird… in that it feels totally normal. As I walked around the house this morning, it didn’t seem like this was the last time I would visit these rooms. Despite the fact that we spent the day packing our whole life up in a small trailer, it hasn’t hit me yet that tomorrow morning we’ll leave the place where we’ve spent the last four years, perhaps forever.

My dad came down today with his truck. He volunteered to tow the U-haul while my husband, son and I drive our car. We will take four days and three nights to travel to Minneapolis. 

Of course I can’t do anything without thinking about fashion, so I put a lot of thought into what to pack to wear on the road trip over. Of course, I had to think about comfort. I don’t want to be wearing tight pants while sitting in the car for over 8 hours a day. While planning my wardrobe I first thought about all my comfortable pants, and then added one dress I just bought because it is soooooo comfortable. Then I went for my favorite fall shirts, and added a layer with each outfit so I can adjust for temperatures in and outside of the car. I made use of my now-empty closet to organize my selections into outfits.

I added accessories, and then used my Golden Tote bags to package up each outfit. This is going to make mornings in each hotel so much simpler, because I’ll just remove the tote bag from the top of the stack, get dressed, and go. I won’t have to think about what to wear each morning.

Stay tuned to see each of my outfits along the road. I’m not sure if I’ll write one long trip post, or if I’ll be able to write a post every day. It will depend on how the trip goes and if I have time to sit and write about it. However I will definitely post my daily looks on Instagram.

Here’s what I wore today:

I’ve been in love with my new Pistola jeans (similar) from Stitch Fix (review), and have been wearing them almost non-stop for a week (shhh…). While they are super comfortable, they won’t be good for sitting in a car, so I made sure to wear them today. I also liked the idea of wearing them while loading boxes and furniture into the trailer, because they’re already distressed! I figured if they got a little more damaged it would just add to the charm.

I just bought this adorable fox tee at Loft last week. I love the sweet watercolor style of the pair, and I think the composition of the graphic is really unique. I chose to wear this J. Crew Factory vest (only $54) over the top because it would allow me to move easily, and also keep me warm on this chilly September day. It’s been blazing hot the past couple of weeks, but now right before we leave it’s cold. Thanks Oregon.

For my accessory I chose a gold beaded necklace I bought from Francesca’s. I packed all of my other shoes, just to make life easier for myself, so I’ll be wearing these sandals all week. They’re from the Walking Company and I have been living in them. My feet even have tan lines in the shape of the straps.

By the time we were all done packing it was really late. We went to dinner at Falling Sky Brewery, which is one of the first places we went in Eugene. Unfortunately that’s when I decided I had time to take pictures, so they’re really dark. 

Tomorrow we begin the drive to Minneapolis. Goodbye Eugene!

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