It’s the beginning of September! And it feels really weird. September for me has always meant school; first as a student and then for the last few years as a teacher. For the first time I won’t be going back to school. This begins my journey as a stay-at-home mom.

Obviously this summer I haven’t been working, but there’s another big change that is throwing our lives in a different direction: we’re moving from Oregon to Minnesota.

My husband just completed his doctorate in physics, and landed a post-doctoral position at the University of Minnesota. This is the first time either of us will be living more than a day’s drive from family, who have been great support and help ever since we had our son. So yeah… Big changes. I’m excited about moving, but also sad to leave Eugene. This is the city where I started my career, got married, and had my son. Leaving is bittersweet.

The biggest difference will be staying at home with my son instead of teaching high school. That’s actually why I started this blog in the first place. I wanted something to dedicate myself to other than just family… so I don’t go insane. Welcome everyone!

The post I expected to be writing right now was one about a fall capsule wardrobe. I mentioned my desire to do this in a few previous posts. But I’m not. I then thought about writing:

5 Reasons Why I’m Not Using a Capsule Wardrobe

…But when I thought about my reasons I only came up with…

  1. I don’t want to.

When I started going through my clothes to pick out 33, or 37, or some other arbitrary number of items I found it to be way more difficult than I anticipated. I have about twice the number of pieces that I’m “supposed to” have, and as I started eliminating things it was just stressing me out. Not because I’m holding onto clothing I don’t wear or don’t love. I was being forced to eliminate clothing that I loved and wanted to wear.

Since I’m moving I’ve already gotten rid of all the clothing that didn’t fit me or that I didn’t love. I also packed away all clothing that was out of season. What I was left with was a large pile (ok, a few large piles) of clothing that I love and can’t wait to wear. So that’s what I’m going with.

So no capsule wardrobe this season. Sorry not sorry. Maybe I’ll do one for the winter, which is probably the season I own the least amount of appropriate clothing for. Hello Minnesota winters. But for now I’m going to enjoy the rich variety of clothing that fall brings and not limit myself with arbitrary rules that I don’t need to make me happy with my wardrobe.

Instead I will be sharing what I’m wearing as I drive half-way across the United States. I’m going to be wearing a lot of fun, transitional, and comfortable pieces and I can’t wait to share them with you.