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My sister Miranda just recently signed up with Wantable, and this is her first Accessories Collection. If you saw my collection from this month, some of the pieces will look familiar, which is interesting, because even though we are sisters our style profiles are very different.

How it Works:

  • Sign up for Wantable.
  • Select which service you want to use. There are two types: Edits and Collections. This review is about the Accessories Collection, which costs $40. To see an example of their Style Edit click here.
  • Fill out a style profile. I recommend you do this every month. One of my favorite parts about Wantable is they actually update the photos, so if you select that you love ‘boho’ you are likely to receive the items they have pictured in that part of the profile.
  • You are more likely to receive items you LOVE, will still receive items you LIKE, and you will never receive items you DISLIKE.
  • Here are my sister’s selections:
    • LOVE: Silver tone
    • LIKE: Classic, Rock ‘n Roll, Boho, Mix ‘n Match, Clutches/Wallets, Earrings, Rings, Sunglasses, Gold tone, Multi tone
    • DISLIKE: Glam, Bracelets, Necklaces, Watches, Scarves, Hair Accessories
  • There is also a box where you can ask for specific things. This month Miranda said “I’m a big fan of simple, yet interesting. I would like to receive a small cross-body bad, and a statement necklace that is fairly versatile. Thanks!”
    • Note: she said she ‘dislikes’ necklaces but specifically asked for one, therefore her stylist sent her one.
  • Your stylist will send four items according to your profile.
  • You pay $40 for your collection, and can return any item (or all of them) for a partial (or full) refund. Returns are free! You just fill out the return information and they will email you a prepaid mailing label.

Here’s what my sister received:

Carly Crossover Bag:

  • Retail: $46
  • Your Price: $19.57

Miranda’s Thoughts: Keep. I like this bag because it’s a fairly good size, simple in design, and I’m growing increasingly fond of this shade of pink (despite cursing its existence on bridesmaid dresses only a year ago). Plus it’s faux-leather/vegetarian-friendly! My main complaint is the lining, which I am not a fan of, but it does add a little bit of interesting trim to the side when the bag is closed. The bag doesn’t appear to be super high quality, but it will probably survive ’til I’ve moved onto another style.

similar from Charming Charlie


Rae Necklace Silver:

  • Retail: $17.00
  • Your Price: $7.23

Miranda’s Thoughts: Keep. Now that I have this necklace, my collection of statement necklaces has increased to a whopping total of… two. Despite their recent popularity, I’m very picky about large necklaces since they are very dependent on the outfit they’re paired with. The design isn’t too crazy and the nearing-white shade makes it easy to combine with may different outfits and colors.

similar//similar with matching earrings for $10!

Bailey Sunglasses Silver:

  • Retail: $17.00
  • Your Price: $7.23

Miranda’s Thoughts: No. Just no. Mallory’s translation: They’re not her style because of the mirrored lenses and the matte plastic feels cheap to her. She’s notorious for not liking sunglasses on her face, and these ones don’t do it for her either. — I agree with her. I don’t think the shape is flattering, and it’s weird being able to see myself in other people’s sunglasses. They would work great for touching up makeup though!


Rae Earrings Silver:

  • Retail: $14.00
  • Your Price: $5.96

Miranda’s Thoughts: Return. For whatever reason, ever since I chopped all my hair off I have a giant collection of dangling earrings that I am not wearing — so I really shouldn’t add to it. And according to my only source of trendy-fashion information (my sister), I shouldn’t match my earrings and necklace because it looks too matchy-matchy.

similar//similar (splurge alert)

Miranda will be keeping the necklace and bag, and return the earrings and sunglasses. Because she is sending those two items back, she will receive a refund of $13.19. Her overall impression was “it wasn’t a total match for my style. But since it’s no-risk, I’m curious to see what I’ll get next month.

What did you think of my sister’s first accessories collection? What would you have kept? Have you tried Wantable? What do you think?

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