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Hi everyone! Even though it’s only August and is still blazing hot outside, I’m gearing up for fall. September is going to be really exciting for us because we will be moving to Minnesota and starting a new phase of our lives. I’ve decided to buy a lot of fall clothes now, create a capsule wardrobe, and then try to keep myself from buying things for awhile (except maybe one tote a month… #addictedtoGT). Therefore I bought two totes this month, hoping that I would get a bunch of fall appropriate surprises that I liked, and even if I wanted to sell a couple I would still have a few good ones. Well that plan didn’t turn out so well (darn you KB for being so good!)

How it Works:

  • Unlike other companies, Golden Tote is technically not a subscription. Every month they release a new collection (or sometimes twice a month) and then you have the option to purchase totes.
  • The Golden Tote is $149 and contains five items (two chosen, three surprises). The Mini Tote is $59 and contains two items (one chosen, one surprise). The Surprise Tote is $89 and contains three surprise items. Each item comes out to roughly $30, which is a great deal!
  • The surprises are chosen by a stylist according to your style profile, and come from a separate pool of clothing from the chosen items.
  • At this point you can add on other chosen items and accessories, jewelry, or shoes from the boutique for a reduced price.
  • Shipping is free for orders at $149 or more.
  • When you get your totes you have the option of returning the entire tote, or individual pieces (return shipping is not paid by Golden Tote, but I’ve heard that PayPal will reimburse shipping costs). If you decide to only keep a few items, the chosen items all revert back to boutique price, and the surprises all cost $40.
  • In my opinion, the better way to get rid of unwanted items is to sell or trade for them on the Facebook Trading Group, which is run by Golden Tote Admins.
  • For more details please see my post describing all 8 reasons why I love Golden Tote.

On to my August totes!

Tote #1:

Chosen #1 – Picnic Perfect Dress

I don’t know if I would actually like this dress for a picnic. I don’t enjoy sitting on the ground in short dresses. However this is the whole reason I decided to buy a tote, because I just knew this dress would be perfect for fall! I did have to undo the buttons up the chest because they pulled a little, but I think that’s a more flattering neckline on me anyway. The faux belt in the middle is adjustable if you need a little more or less room, but the elastic does a good job of giving the dress shape and making it comfortable. So glad I picked this one!

Buy this exact dress at Modcloth//similar//similar

The necklace I’m wearing is from Charming Charlie. I love it’s chunky wood beads and faux leather tassel!

Verdict: Keep

Chosen #2 – Striped Tassel Top

This top is really cute. I like the extra little touch with the gold grommets and matching threading on the tassels. This top was actually released in mid July, but I didn’t really like any of the other pieces, so I was glad to see it was still available this month. The body is a little boxier than I normally would like, and the gathering on the arms is a little weird, but overall a great top that I’m sure I’ll get a lot of use out of.

Verdict: Keep

Surprise #1 – Skies Are Blue Striped Top with Suede Detail

When I saw the elbow patches I almost squealed. And then when the other details of the shirt started revealing themselves I took a step back. I think whoever designed this shirt had one too many ideas and decided to combine them all into one top. To me, the suede at the neck, the bold stripes, how the pattern changes direction, and the twist are just too much. Take one of those away and I would love this top. Props to KB for choosing this for me, because on paper it’s right up my alley, but the execution of this shirt is just too busy.


Verdict: Sold

Surprise #2 – Bo Bel Draped Cardigan in Dusty Rose

I’ve been seeing a lot of people get a blue Chris and Carol cardigan, and while I love C&C, I’m so glad I got this one instead. It’s very soft and comfortable, and the color is unlike anything I currently have in my closet.


Verdict: Keep

Surprise #3 – Gilli Floral Pencil Skirt

I GOT IT! I GOT IT! I GOT IT! – Enough said.

similar with lots of colors/patterns

Verdict: Keep

By the way, the black shirt I’m wearing in these pictures is from Trunk Club and is by Halogen. It is modal, and amazing, and I want to live in it!

Tote #2:

Chosen #1: Endless Possibilities Dress

I was really excited about this dress, but after receiving it I don’t think it looks that amazing on me. Probably because of the loose top of the dress. I’m an inverted triangle shape (although I prefer the term ‘strawberry’) so I’m not a fan of anything that adds too much bulk to my top. However I love the fabric – it’s 100% polyester but feels like silk, the length, and the little silver beads on the ties. If I can’t sell this on the group I’ll probably wear it, but I’m hoping someone missed out on it and will snatch it up for me.

Verdict: Sold!

Chosen #2: Lacey Top in Off White

I loved the texture of this shirt, and thought it would look great as a layer in fall clothing. They sent along a cami to wear underneath it, but I wish they had sent an off white one instead of pure white. They’re not attached though, so I can wear a different cami. I’m not sure how this top looks on me. I want to love it, but is it flattering enough? Again it’s a boxy bulky top, but since it’s lace and it’s see through does that make it look ok?

I also got this great necklace at Charming Charlie. I’m really into tassels lately.

Verdict: Unsure

Surprise #1: LeShop Printed Button Back Top

I absolutely LOVE the pattern on the front of this shirt. I appreciate that it doesn’t continue onto the back and the sleeves, because that would be a lot of pattern. I wish the cut wasn’t so boxy, but it actually drapes really nicely and looks great with a simple pendant necklace like the one I’m wearing in the picture. I also think the buttons on the back are really cute, although I wish they were a little more noticeable (they’re just small, navy buttons).


Verdict: Keep

Surprise #2: LeShop Striped Open Cotton Cardigan

This cardigan is a really nice medium weight knit. I like the heathered look of the pattern; I think it’s more interesting than solid stripes. The one thing that bugs me a little is that the trim ends early. It’s like the machine that made it got bored and stopped early. However I think the long length is really flattering, and when I was a teacher a basically lived in cardigans, so it’s hard to pass one up.


Verdict: Keep

Surprise #3: Twelve Printed Dress

This dress is probably my favorite thing in my second tote. It’s what made me keep the tote instead of sending it back. It fits a little funny (elastic waists do that on me) and I’m not used to dresses with sleeves. I’m hoping some of the fit issues are due to wrinkles, and once I wash it then it will fit a little better. This dress is going to look so cute layered with scarves, belts, and other fall accessories! Can’t wait!


Verdict: Keep

Add-on: Sun dial Bracelet

I love the gold medallion on this bracelet, and it’s great that the bracelet is adjustable, but the ends of it are driving me crazy. Sometimes having small wrists is a curse. If no one wants this I’ll probably find a way to make it work though.

Verdict: FSOT

Overall Impressions

This is the first time I haven’t been thrilled with my chosen items, but I loved more surprises than I was anticipating so it all works out. Golden Tote said they were going to have a small, fall Puella capsule wardrobe available at the end of the month, and I can’t wait! Are you excited for fall too?

This is not a sponsored post and all opinions and photos are my own. This post contains affiliate links. If you click on a link and purchase a product I will receive a small commission. All earnings help me continue running this blog. Thank you!