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I love getting my Wantable Accessories box every month. It’s a great deal because you get four pieces for $40, and you can send back anything you want. I love how it’s zero commitment, because there is no risk that I will have to keep something I don’t like. Also, my recent complain has been the stylists haven’t been leaving me notes, but this month they did! Unfortunately, despite the return of that personal touch this month, I will be making full use of being able to return everything.

This month I was able to style all four things into one outfit. Check them out below! 

Carly Crossover

“This bag can be worn as clutch or crossover”

  • Retail: $46
  • My Price: $19.89


This bag is a great size for me, and I love that it comes with a crossbody strap. It has an exterior pocket with a hidden magnetic closure which is a nice touch. This bag is really cute, but I received a coral-colored bag a few months ago and have been using it to death. I would have appreciated if they had sent a bag in a color further away from what I already had. Especially since I’m looking forward to fall and this shade of pink doesn’t really fit into my fall color scheme. It also looks a little dingy, like the black ink in the lining rubbed off on parts of the pink outside.

Verdict: Return, but would love this purse in a different color

Rae Necklace

“This necklace features champagne stones!”

  • Retail: $17.00
  • My Price: $7.35


This necklace is really pretty, but the metal is silver. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with silver, but in my survey I stated that I “love” gold and only “like” silver, so I’m disappointed that they sent silver over gold. I’ve found myself wearing more and more gold jewelry, and my silver jewelry is being neglected. Since I haven’t been wearing silver jewelry I don’t really want to spend money on additional pieces. Maybe for next month I should “dislike” silver just so they’re forced to send me gold versions of everything.

Verdict: Return, but only because I don’t think I’ll wear it much

Bayleigh Earrings

“These studs feature a white stone”

  • Retail: $17
  • My Price: $7.35


These earrings are pretty, but again I haven’t been wearing silver jewelry much. They are also a little fancy for my current lifestyle.

Verdict: Return

Set of Two Mermaid Hair Ties

“Hair ties so versatile and comfortable that even your inner mermaid will never want to take them off. A reminder of the beach from sun up to sunset no matter where you are”

  • Retail: 12.50
  • My Price: 5.41

My hair is very long and silky (not that you can tell from that picture, yikes!), which makes it difficult for many accessories to stay in my hair. However, I almost always wear my hair in a ponytail or bun (especially because of the toddler). I asked Wantable for some hair ties, and they sent these from Kini Bands.

Upon initial inspection these hair ties aren’t really my style because of the funky pastel colors. They also don’t look like they would be that great at holding up my hair. However, much to my surprise they work great! I also love how they look like bracelets. I often wear hair ties on my wrist, which is not very classy, and these would look a whole lot nicer.

Verdict: Return, because I’m not a fan of the colors, but I’m definitely going to check out Kini Band’s website because they have lots of neat colors to choose from.

This month even though I am returning everything in my box, my faith has been renewed in the Wantable accessories collections. I’m disappointed about receiving colors that I didn’t want, but that’s something that I can easily address in my style profile. I am definitely looking forward to next month when I can get some awesome fall accessories!

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