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I got back today from my summer vacation up to Washington and Alaska to find an oddly shaped package from Mighty Nest. Their subscription is called Mighty Fix, and for $10 they send you one of their products every month.

I was a little perplexed by its lumpy and squishy shape. When I opened it, three soft little balls greeted me.

These are hand-felted wool balls that are used in place of dryer sheets. This is great timing, as I just got back from a three-week trip and I have a lot of laundry to do.

I love the idea of this product for Little Man’s laundry especially because they are made of 100% organic hand-felted wool and therefore don’t contain chemicals that could irritate his skin. They also claim to decrease drying time (presumably by absorbing moisture), reduce static (because wool), and save the landfill from disposable dryer sheets (since you won’t be using them). They didn’t mention the money you save. These three balls cost me $10, and if they work I won’t need to buy dryer sheets anymore.

After washing my son’s clothes I threw them in the dryer and tossed two of the balls in with them. There were considerably more thumping sounds coming from the dryer than usual, but other than that I wouldn’t have known that I didn’t use a regular dryer sheet. The clothing didn’t have that usual I-forgot-a-dryer-sheet feel to them, and they were soft and static-free.

I pulled Little Man’s clothes out of the dryer and was only able to find one of the balls. I suppose that’s one minor inconvenience, is the balls get lost in the load of laundry and you have to fish it out for the next one. Otherwise I found these balls to be a great substitute for dryer sheets.

Have you tried these? What do you think?