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Happy July August! This summer has just been flying by! I’m still in the middle of my trip to Washington for the summer, and that has definitely caused me to lag behind on blog posts. The tote from Golden Tote I’m about to show you today is actually from the beginning of July, but I just got around to taking pictures a few days ago! I’ve already ordered TWO totes for August, and I’m really excited to see what kinds of things the lovely KB is going to send me.

First up for July is this surprise Chris&Carol cardigan. I’ve never received anything from this brand before, but I have heard wonderful things. The softness of this cardigan really lives up to what I’ve heard. The cardigan is longer in the front, and I really like the thick stripes. The light color is really ivory, which I prefer because I don’t own many things that are true white. I’ve styled it with Just Black shorts that were a chosen a few months ago, and the Fan Girl necklace and tasseled belt that were accessories I added onto this tote. (I also added on a hat, but sent it back because my head is waaaay too big for it).

The one problem I have with this cardigan is that the seams don’t match up on the sides. I really wish that clothing manufacturers would take the time to match up patterns. However this isn’t enough for me to want to get rid of this cardigan. It’s very cozy and I’m sure I’ll get a lot of use out of it.

The next surprise is this wrap dress by Les Amis. Initially I wasn’t sure about this dress. I’ve never owned a true wrap dress, and when I originally tried it on I was sure I was going to sell this one on the Facebook board.

However after trying it on to take pictures I think I figured it out, and other than the super deep v-neck I think it’s really wearable. I’ll just wear a cami underneath. I also think the dress is a little short, but the print is very fall-appropriate so I’ll probably mostly wear it with leggings. KB knows what she’s doing!

As you can see, without a cami it’s actually quite revealing. At least on my body type.

By the way! The shoes I’m wearing are TOMS from Trunk Club. They’re really comfortable and I’ve been wearing them a ton this summer.

It’s hard to tell from the photos, but the background of the floral pattern is actually a really pale blue, not white or cream.

This Gilli dress was my first chosen item. These dresses are super flattering, but I think I’ll end up wearing a cami under this one too.

I love this necklace, but the chain kinks on itself and it’s really annoying. It wouldn’t be too difficult to replace the chain if I wanted to.

The colors in the skirt are so fun!

The oversided blazer by Ellison was my second chosen item. I thought this would be a good way to dress up some of my more casual outfits without making them look too much like I should be going to the office. It’s very comfortable, and not too frumpy looking.

The blazer has two buttons on the front instead of a button and button hole. My husband thought that was weird, but I like them.

Hopefully the wrinkles will come out easily enough.

The Gilli skirt I’m wearing with the blazer is my third surprise item. If you’ve been following my blog or my Instagram you’ve already seen this skirt a few times. I immediately knew I would love this dress when I saw it, and incorporated it into my summer vacation capsule wardrobe. It’s surprisingly versatile considering it has a pattern. The knee length is also perfect, because I’m not very comfortable wearing short skirts and dresses.

The capsule has been a lot of fun, but I’m excited for my three-week duration to be over so I can wear the other cute items I received. Since they’re not in my capsule I’ve been good and just kept them in the tote since they’re up here with me.

Have you tried Golden Tote? What did you get for July? Are you excited for August?

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