This is my third trunk from Trunk Club. To see my first trunks click here and here. I informed my stylist that I would be transitioning from being a teacher to being a stay at home mom and moving to Minnesota from Oregon. This also means that my already paltry budget would be getting even smaller, so to keep that in mind. I also had specific requests, like casual clothing, distressed denim, fashion sneakers, summer appropriate cross body bags, and a solid navy or gray dress that I could layer pieces over/under for fall. Here’s what I got in my trunk!

Print Pleat Back Sleeveless Split Neck Blouse – NYDJ – $78

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The colors on this blouse are very pretty, but that’s about the only thing I like about this top. Since I won’t be working, the 100% poly material isn’t really appropriate for my lifestyle. Also I’m not really a fan of the print, and the blouse is way too big for me. The website says if you’re between sizes you should size down, and I probably should have received a small instead of a medium. Verdict: Returned

Boyfriend Chinos – Caslon – $58

Shop Nordstrom//Similar by Tommy Hilfiger

These pants are great. They fit perfectly, are a nice neutral color, and are a great price. These pants will be perfect for dressing up and down, and are comfortable enough for running around the park with G.

‘Gigi’ Sandal – Sam Edelman – $74.95

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I love these shoes a lot more than I thought I would when I saw them on my preview. The metallic gold is really fun, and would add a lot of personality to any outfit. The only problem is the actual shoe itself. I have wide feet, and t-strap sandals don’t hold my foot into the shoe. Therefore the sides of my foot spill out over the shoe. The shoe also seemed a little short for my foot. I contemplated asking my stylist for a size-up, hoping that it would be a little longer and wider and fit my foot better, but since it’s so close to the end of the summer, and I’m moving to Minnesota where it’s cold, I figured I wouldn’t get much wear out of these. Verdict: Returned

‘Cobble Hill Gabriele’ Pebbled Leather Crossbody Bag – Kate Spade – $178

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This would be a great bag if you’re willing to spend the money on it. I’m also not really a fan of this color for summer; it says spring to me. Verdict: Return

‘Anna’ Burnout High/Low Tee – Free People – $58

Shop Nordstrom//Similar Free People Tee

This is a great tee. It feels a little loose all around, and the sleeves are a little long, but I’m pretty sure that’s part of the look. The hems are also a little raw/distressed (photo below). The photo on the website has the front tucked in, which I meant to replicate but forgot to. I think this tee would look great over leggings and even belted to create a little more shape. It’s a little warm for hot summer days, but will transition great for fall. Verdict: Kept


‘Eleete’ Slip On Sneaker

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These shoes are interesting. They have a mirrored toe, which along with the black is a little too edgy for me. They have another colorway on their website which I think I would like better. These shoes are also a little tight for me. I can get my foot in with a thin sock, but it definitely takes some effort. These definitely fiit the bill in terms of a fashion sneaker, and I like that they’re slip-on, but between the style and fit issues they’re not for me. Verdict: Return


‘Cara’ Slub V Neck Tee – Rails – $78

Shop Nordstrom//similar for a little cheaper

This tee is a very versatile white, and has a really good fit. V-necks are very flattering on my shape, so I also appreciate that my stylist send me a few tops with that neckline. However it’s also really thin and costs way more than I would ever spend on a basic white tee. Verdict: Returned

‘The Original’ Crop Straight Jeans Prep – Current/Elliott – $198

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These jeans didn’t fit me the way I like jeans to. They felt a little “mom jean” on me, and when I asked for distressed denim I was hoping for some holes or something. The jeans are cropped and the hem is raw, but without the cuff I felt like they looked a little short. Also these jeans button up the crotch instead of zip, which is fine, I just thought it was interesting. All this along with the price made these a no for me. Verdict: Return

V Neck Tank (Blue) – Pleione – $42

Shop Nordstrom//Similar by Old Navy (several prints)

I absolutely LOVE this print. It’s totally my style. I was willing to overlook the fact that this top is 100% polyester because it totally looks like a casual shirt. However it’s too big again. I checked the website and sure enough it says to size down if between sizes. I’m hoping my stylist will send me a size small in this top for my next trunk.

‘Del Rey’ Sneaker – TOMS – $97.95

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These shoes are super cute. The only thing that gives me pause is the color. I only have one other pair of TOMS (also from Trunk Club) and they are the exact same “sandstorm” color and are also perforated. I don’t have that many pairs of shoes, and I feel like that doesn’t give me a lot of variety. I didn’t have to struggle with it too much though, because these are a little tight again on my feet. Maybe my stylist will send me a half size up in my next trunk? Or I could always order a pair from Amazon because it looks like they have lots of neat color options at different price points.

‘Fringe Jon’ Leather Crossbody Bag – Rebecca Minkoff – $145

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This bag makes me sad. The leather is so soft, and the fringe is so fun. The design is really simple so it doesn’t look over-the-top. The body of the purse is just one open pocket (which is great for me, I don’t like pockets because it makes it more difficult to find things). I pretty much love this bag. But it is sooooo expensive. With my current situation I just can’t justify spending this much on one bag (especially when for the same price I could get a tote full of clothing). Since sending this back I’ve been keeping my eye out for a similar bag, and I found one that has the same look but at a much lower price. It’s not as nice, and definitely isn’t genuine leather, but it’s a much better buy for my budget. Verdict: Returned

‘Everest’ Stripe Body Con Dress – Cupcakes and Cashmere – $115

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This dress is awesome. It’s soft and fits perfectly. The stripes are super flattering, and I think it look pretty darn good on me. I like the way they run over the shoulder and then change directions. There is just one thing I don’t like about the dress: the twist. You can see better in the close-up photo below, but the twist isn’t very well done, at least on this particular piece. The way it’s sewn you can see the stitching for the hem of the fabric, and it looks sloppy. I do think this dress is worth the price because I would get a lot of wear out of it, but for $115 I expect it to be perfect, and it isn’t. Verdict: Returned

V Neck Maxi Tank Dress – Caslon – $69

Shop Nordstrom//similar budget option

My stylist actually send me the same dress in two different colors (navy and blue, I believe this is the navy version but it really reads more like gray). It’s a great dress for a great price, but not really what I was looking for. I prefer dresses with a little more structure, and I don’t like how this one hangs off of me. Also it’s a little too long (I’m 5’7″) and the straps are not adjustable. However if you’re tall and like comfortable dresses to lounge in, I would recommend this one. Verdict: Both dresses returned

Stretch Sheath Dress – Vince Camuto – $158

Shop Nordstrom//similar//similar budget option (lots of colors)

My stylist sent this dress to me as “an event dress” which isn’t really something that I need. The dress fits great and is super flattering on me. It also has a zipper detail that goes all the way down the back, which is pretty cool. However it’s not a very versatile color. My husband really liked this one and thought out of everything I should keep it, but for the price I just knew I wouldn’t get a lot of use out of it. If this dress was black (and a bit cheaper) I would have kept it.

Even though I only kept two pieces I was really happy with this trunk. I think my stylist is getting closer to my style, for the most part pieces were affordable (I’d been hearing complaints from other customers about receiving only really expensive pieces when they’d asked for a lower price point). My stylist will be putting together a trunk for me with some more pieces, hopefully some of the same options in different sizes, with a focus toward fall season. I sent my stylist a wish list, and I’m excited to see what she finds for me.

If you’re interested in trying Trunk Club I would encourage you to use my referral link. My stylist’s name is Hannah and she’s very nice and does her best to send me pieces that I will like and are within my budget.


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