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So it’s not actually Wednesday. I do tend to lose track of which day it is during the summer, but I am aware that it is Friday. We’ve been so busy getting the house ready to sell that I haven’t left it much in the last few days… Other than running to the park across the street to play Pokemon Go, but that’s a different story.

I finally had the opportunity to dress up because my mom finally let me out of the house and I needed to buy some things to use to stage the house. We went to Costco, Bed Bath & Beyond, and ended at Home Depot to get flowers for the yard.

This dress is everything. I just recently received it in my Gold Edition tote from Golden Tote. I have never owned anything by Puella before this tote and I am hooked. The fabric is so soft, and I love the little flutter at the hem. It can be risky when it’s windy though.

The cardigan is also new from Loft. I think it does a really good job drawing out the coral color in the dress. I also stayed in the same pink family for my accessories.

This coral clutch is from Wantable, and it’s just barely big enough to fit my wallet, keys, and phone. It’s been my staple going-out-without-the-toddler bag. I love this bracelet; since I bought it I’ve been wearing it almost constantly. The rustic look of the wooden clasp and the white beads contrasts nicely with the feminine look of the dress and cardigan combo.

I also got this ring from Wantable. I love the unique shape.

This necklace has been a serious player in my wardrobe since I received it in my Wantable Accessories box. The cute stones and the tassel are super cute. I wear a lot of pink so I’ve had a lot of opportunities to wear this necklace.

I decided to do something different with my hair today and did a half-up fishtail braid. It allowed me to have my hair down without it being in my face, which was nice.

We ended up getting some “Hibiskiss” flowers for the front yard, and a few pots of annuals to dress up the back patio.

Look at that skirt flutter! I decided to wear my black Tieks because I knew I was going to be doing a lot of walking. They are my go-to shoes when I know I’m going to be doing some serious shopping.

As usual the sales clerks at Home Depot were super helpful, and one of them even had all of the Eevee evolutions pained on her apron! (However Home Depot itself was a dead zone for Pokemon…)

They’re so cute… I want all of them!

Trying to sell a house and move halfway across the country before September is stressful, but dressing up always gives me a little boost of energy and confidence.

What did you wear today?


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