I have been waiting for this tote for what seems like forever. The ladies at Golden Tote were teasing us forever about this tote, and it’s finally here! First let me fill you in a little bit about Golden Tote and this particular kind of tote.

Golden Tote is run by the ladies that own the brand Puella. I’m already a huge fan of Golden Tote. You can read about how the regular totes work and see my reviews of May and June. I’ve already put in my order for July’s tote, and I’m super excited for it!

The Gold Edition tote is new. It’s an all-Puella tote. It costs $175 (although I got this one at a small discount because of all of the delays) and contains 4 pieces that work together as a little mini-capsule. For this one each recipient gets two dresses, a pair of pants, and a top (although some people requested and received a different combo of items). They do allow for requests but said that they couldn’t guarantee that you would get exactly what you wanted.

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) they will only have new Gold Edition totes once every three months. I’m already looking forward to what they’re going to come up with for the Fall season!

Ok, let’s see what I received:

Coral Striped Lace Back Top and Oatmeal Lounge Pants

These two pieces were both of my color requests. I love wearing coral and I just knew I would get a ton of use out of it. I requested the oatmeal pants as opposed to the navy ones because I was afraid the navy would look too much like pajama pants. I mean, they are lounge pants, but I have every intention of wearing these out of the house, and I want to look as put together as possible.

For jewelry I chose a necklace from Wantable that adds interest and coordinates with the ivory color in the shirt and pants. I’m also wearing green faux-geode earrings that add a small pop of color. To add to the laid-back look I wore my sandals.

The tie on the shirt is an orange/blue/ivory combo. To me the orange clashes a little bit with the coral on the shirt, but not enough to really bother me. Plus I can’t see it while I’m wearing it.

Both of these pieces work well together and separately. Since receiving them I’ve worn the top with denim shorts and the pants with a gray tank with crochet detail from Loft. Unfortunately I’ve been too busy to stop and take pictures, but both pieces will work with a lot of things in my closet.

Ruffle Shirt Dress

This dress seems to have mixed reviews, but I’m not sure why. To me this dress is everything. It’s perfect. The pattern is interesting but not too loud where I don’t feel comfortable wearing it, the material is soft, and the ruffle on the bottom adds a subtle feminine touch. It’s long enough for me (I’m 5’7″) is fitted enough where it doesn’t hide my figure but it’s also loose enough that it doesn’t show my mommy tummy. The ONLY thing I don’t like about this dress is that the tag says it’s dry clean only. I don’t care.

To all my GT friends: Has anyone hand washed this yet? Did it turn out ok?

For styling I chose a statement bracelet with a wood clasp. I love the natural color of the wood with the pattern and color combination of the dress. The branch necklace I received from Wantable.

Striped Maxi Dress

When I saw both color options I opted for this one: the turquoise stripe. After seeing reveals and realizing that my closet doesn’t really contain a lot of green I wished I had asked for the coral. I think that warm colors look better on my skin. That being said, I still love this dress. The length is perfect for wearing flats, so I don’t feel like I can only wear it when I want to wear heels. The stripes match in the front, and the skirt has ample swing but the top is fitted. I also love that the straps are adjustable so I can pull it up a little to avoid showing too much cleavage.

I opted to wear this dress with a bralette as opposed to a strapless bra. Although, I don’t think the straps on a nude bra would be that noticeable, especially since the stripes are so loud. This dress also looks nice with a chambray shirt or jacket over the top.

Overall I’m very happy with this tote. Every piece feels very high quality and like a lot of thought went into the design and execution. I can’t wait for the spoilers for the Fall edition! Did you get the tote? What’s your favorite piece and how are you styling it?