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This summer has already been super busy and it’s only been three weeks! My new “job” as a stay-at-home-mom has been great. Little Man and I go for walks everyday, sometimes with the dog and sometimes by ourselves if we have errands to run. It’s even more fun when I have packages waiting for me when we come home! I’ve been getting Wantable‘s Accessories Collection for several months now (see my May and June reviews) and I love their cute and affordable accessories.

This month I asked for COLOR!!! Let’s see what they sent me!

Natalie Bracelet Gold

“This amazing wrap bracelet features handmade bead detailing and a center turquoise stone”


  • Retail: $34.00
  • Your price: $14.02


The Look:

I wanted to play off of the textures in the bracelet, so I decided to wear different patterns and keep them all in a neutral palate in order to keep the outfit from looking too busy. This cardigan, t-shirt and shorts are all from Golden Tote. The t-shirt I bought off of the Facebook board but the other two I received in a tote last month. I wore my geode pendant necklace and sandals to keep with the casual feel of the outfit.


Verdict: Keep. I waffled on this bracelet like crazy. I initially thought this bracelet was super cute and exactly what I was looking for this month. I don’t have many wrap bracelets, and it was definitely colorful. After wearing it for awhile, though, it got kind of itchy. Also as I looked closer I decided I didn’t really like the shiny metal strips, and I wasn’t sure how often I’d wear it. Since I’ve been so busy it sat in the box for awhile, then one day I decided it went with my outfit so I tried it again. I fastened it a little looser and it really helped with the itchy problem. I wore it all day and it didn’t bother me at all. So I decided to keep this one.

Jamie Necklace Gold

“This horizontal necklace features white marble stones”

  • Retail: $18.00
  • Your price: $7.42


The Look:

I liked the natural colors of the necklace, and the gold and ivory color reminded me of my elephant tee from Loft. I also got these black scalloped shorts from Loft. For color I wore my clutch from Wantable that I kept in April, and some pink drop earrings. The shoes I bought last year at DSW and I think they are really fun; the T-straps are braided out of multicolored strands.

Verdict: Return. I was looking for color, and this necklace doesn’t have any color in it. I like the geometric nature of the necklace, but I don’t like how the “stones” are all cattywampus inside and you can see the holes in the beads. If they had lined them up end to end then I would have liked it a lot better and probably would have kept it.

Sisterhood Earrings Gold

“Turquoise station earrings made of stone are wrapped in gold dangle and move with utter flexibility”


  • Retail: $18.00
  • Your price: $7.42


The Look:

I wanted to try to dress these earrings down, so I styled them in a casual outfit. I love the colors turquoise and coral together, so I wore these shorts from Trunk Club, the TOMS are also from that same trunk. I just recently got this shirt from Golden Tote and I thought it would be a nice neutral and also add some texture. Also just last month I got this ring from Wantable Accessories and it’s an exact match to the earrings. Except the ring is silver and the earrings are gold, so I decided to wear them together anyway and hope that no one would notice (shhhh).

Verdict: Keep. At first I wasn’t sure when I would wear these. I do really like the color, but I don’t really have very many occasions to wear earrings like this, but I also don’t have any in my collection. I decided to keep these just in case the occasion arises when I want colorful and utterly flexible earrings. For $7.42 I figured it wasn’t much of a risk.

Tanner Necklace Gold/Silver

“This layered necklace features mixed metals and two tassel drops”

  • Retail: $27.00
  • Your price: $11.13

very similar//similar//similar

The Look:

This necklace is so busy so I wanted to wear a solid top in order to avoid competing with it. I love this navy shirt from Elizabeth&Clarke and I thought it would serve as the perfect neutral base. I kept this skirt from Stitch Fix last year and haven’t worn it very much this summer, but I thought it would be a way to jazz up the outfit since the top was solid navy. I put a wide belt around the waist to ground the outfit, and wore my sandals.


The Verdict: Return. Once again this necklace is not colorful like I asked for. I do think the drape and tassel detail is really interesting, and I don’t have any mixed metal jewelry in my collection. However I’m sure my son would break this necklace. I also found it difficult to style, since this necklace really needs a solid color top.


Even though I’m keeping two pieces I’m a little disappointed in this month’s collection, especially compared to last month’s. I’m wondering if the stylist even read my note. I also miss the personal touch that Wantable used to have. In the past I’ve gotten little notes and also the descriptions gave you styling advice instead of describing the items.

I’m going to think about looking at other jewelry subscriptions. I’ve heard of Rocksbox, but I don’t like the idea of paying every month, and then if you want to keep the jewelry you have to pay a discounted, but still fairly expensive price. What do you ladies think? Have you tried any other jewelry subscriptions? Which do you think I should try?

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