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The middle of the week can sometimes be challenging. It’s past the beginning of the week when you’re energized from the weekend, but it’s not close enough to the next weekend to be excited about it. I mean, that’s why it’s called hump day right?

Hump Day

I felt this way especially while I was working, but now that I’m a stay-at-home-mom I still have the same desire to just wear pajamas all day. I decided what I needed was an excuse to put on pretty clothes, thus the first edition of What I’m Wearing Wednesday.

Since I felt like I needed a little recharging today I decided to take an item in my closet that doesn’t get a lot of attention in my closet and give it a little love. Today I chose a black and white striped midi skirt. This skirt can be difficult to style because of it’s length and the fact that the stripes are so close together. Any outfit featuring it runs the risk of looking too busy. My first instinct was to pair a floral top with the skirt, but I didn’t have a clean one that looked good with it (I guess Wednesday should also be laundry day). I also didn’t really want to wear a patterned shirt because then I would need to wear a basic item on top like a cardigan to ground the outfit, but since it’s going to be 80 degrees F today I didn’t want to pile on extra layers.

I was looking around my closet at a loss, when I remembered that I just received a package from Loft yesterday, and in it was this shirt. This shirt is fantastic. It has just enough detail on the shoulders to make it interesting, but has a plain front so you can wear it with almost anything. It’s the perfect shirt to wear with this skirt.

I wanted to keep the jewelry light since it’s summer but I also wanted to add a little color to this otherwise monochromatic outfit, so I chose a medium length necklace with mint stones. Like the skirt, this necklace is a little difficult to wear because of the length (this is as short as it gets). Often I will wear this necklace and it will fall into the shirt because the neckline will hit at the same spot the necklace does. On this shirt it is perfect because the neckline is high enough. For earrings I just chose some simple gold studs. I love the shape of these ones (it’s the math teacher in me).

For shoes I chose these neutral colored heeled mules. The neutral color and heel makes my legs look longer, which counteracts the length of the skirt which could make my legs look shorter.


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Sometimes to make items in your closet work you need one more piece to pull it all together. For this outfit it was the black top. Without it, I would have a hole in my closet that would make the skirt and the necklace much more difficult to wear. Do you have anything like that in your closet? What are you wearing today?

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