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This year we had a really low-key holiday. We weren’t planning on any big barbecues, parties, or other shenanigans.

My mom was coming down today to help us get the house cleaned up to sell (yay for moving…) so we started off by vacuuming, cleaning the bathrooms, and generally making the house presentable. Then Little Man started getting fidgety (we can only keep him entertained by vacuuming for so long) so we decided to take him and Diego (the dog) for a walk.

We walked all the way to the Eugene Masonic Cemetery and back in a loop which took us 2 and a half hours (we also stopped for lunch at a local organic grocery store). The cemetery looks like an isolated chunk of wilderness right in the middle of Eugene. It’s a beautiful walk. It’s interesting to look at the names and dates on the headstones, and a lot of them are completely buried in the brush. The whole place has a very peaceful feel.

This is Little Man’s cool-guy pose. He’s such a little model.

Little Man just loves to walk. Even though it was such a long walk he was able to do almost the entire thing. He even tried to help walk Diego! I’m so glad he enjoys physical activity, I think it’s going to make it a lot easier to get him to be active in the future.

Since I knew we wouldn’t be doing anything fancy for the 4th of July I wanted my outfit to be casual, so I opted for a striped t-shirt, cuffed denim shorts, and a square scarf tied around my neck just to dress the outfit up a bit. I wore sandals for the walk because they are much more comfortable for walking around in heels. I also added this clutch so that I could carry my wallet for lunch.

Outfit Details: Striped Shirt – Elizabeth&Clarke; Cuffed Shorts and Scarf – Golden Tote; Sandals – The Walking Company; Clutch – Wantable

After the walk Little Man crashed pretty hard and didn’t wake up until it was time for dinner. Another nice side effect of long walks.

My sister also came over and we had the usual 4th of July food: hot dogs and the appropriate side dishes. Little Man ate corn on the cob for the first time. He was actually pretty good at it!

Overall it was a very fun and peaceful 4th of July. What did you wear for the holiday? Did you do anything fun?


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