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I have received quite a few Winc boxes now, and I really love it. Winc does a great job of picking out wines for me based on my taste preferences. I have never had a bad wine from them. Until now.

However, it wasn’t their fault. Winc suggests wines for you, but they also allow you to choose your own wines, and I made the mistake of taking advantage of that.

If you want to read more about Winc click here. You can also check out the first, second, and third bottles I got in this month’s box.

Eplevin Cider

I am a huge apple cider fan. When I heard that Winc was going to have its first ever apple cider up for grabs I jumped on it. Mistake. This cider is super dry, which I’m sure some people appreciate, but to me it tastes like carbonated alcohol with zero apple flavor. So I learned my lesson the hard way: let the experts pick out what wine they send you. I’m rating this one 2 out of 5 stars. I was able to actually drink it, so that’s why I gave it a 2 instead of a 1.

I was a much bigger fan of the recipe pairing, but even that was really strange. The Pot Roast Sliders with Sriracha Aioli really is like cooking a stew and slapping it between a couple slider buns. This sandwich has potatoes on it, which is weird. But then again, I thought potatoes on pizza was weird until I moved here to Eugene, OR and discovered that it was actually delicious, so I had high hopes.

The first step is to sear a beef roast on all sides. After doing that, you saute all of the vegetables in the same pan. Once everything is cooked, I put it all into my crock pot. My crock pot is pretty small, and my family really only has two and a half people in it, so I just made a half recipe. It was still enough for a meal and then some.

The roast is hiding underneath the vegetables and mushrooms (mushrooms are not plants).

After cooking everything you’re going to have a bunch of stuff stuck to your pan. This is the really important part: getting all of the delicious stuff off of that pan and into your crockpot. The recipe just says to combine the wine, beef stock, tomato paste, and flour into the pan all together, but I would actually recommend staring with the flour and making a roux with the olive oil. That will allow the flour taste to cook out and keep your sauce from being lumpy.

Once your roux is done you can add the liquids to deglaze the pan. Instead of using beef stock I actually used Better Than Boullion and it worked really well. I love this stuff because it takes up less space, keeps really well in the pantry, and is also much more economical.

With the beef, vegetables, and sauce all in the crockpot and cooking I was ready to make the sriracha aioli.

This stuff is delicious and super easy to make. Seriously, you should never buy mayo at the store again. You just throw all the ingredients (except the oil) in the food processor and turn it on! The hardest part is grating the garlic, but I have one of these things which makes even that super easy.

Once you have all the other ingredients blended up, just open the top of your food processor or blender and slowly drizzle in the oil. It’s important that you drizzle it in slowly or else the mixture might not emulsify, and that would be gross. The recipe called for canola oil, but I used olive oil and it worked just fine. I think they were worried about the olive oil having a strong flavor, but nothing is going to overpower sriracha.

If you don’t like sriracha you could substitute anything else for it, or just leave it out entirely, although you might have to adjust the amount of oil in that case.

Here is the result! Minus the avocados. I did buy some, but when I went to make this recipe they were still hard as a rock. I wish they weren’t because I think they would have been a delicious addition to the sandwich, but they were pretty good without. The best part is you have plenty of stew as leftovers for the next night!

I can’t wait to get next month’s box of wine so I can go back to things I will like. Have you tried Winc? Have you tried picking out your own wine? How did that turn out for you?


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