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I received my package from MeUndies with their featured pattern for June. This month’s is called Summer Trip, and it is definitely trippy…

To see last month’s design and read about MeUndies click here.

The design looks like Spongebob Square Pants meets Doctor Seuss and features strange creatures such as a three-eyed lemon surrounded by blobs of what might be water. With hands resembling Disney characters coming out of the surface pointing at things or whistling. Which hands can do apparently. At least it does have images iconic of summer like watermelon slices and ice cream cones – even if the ice cream cones have eyes and are eating themselves.

Here is the pair I received below:

While I can’t say this month’s design has been my favorite, I do enjoy getting a comfortable and fun pair of underwear every month.

Did you receive this month’s design? What do you think about it?

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