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It’s finally here! I’ve been waiting for this box since March!

That is the way Elizabeth&Clarke works. It’s a quarterly clothing service specializing in awesome, high quality basic tops. When they ship out each season’s selections they release the options for the next season so you can pre-order. Thus, I’ve already seen the options for Fall and I’m super excited about at least one of them – it has lace elbow patches!!!

Every season Elizabeth&Clarke creates three tops to choose from. You can subscribe to get one of them for $30, two for $45, or three for $60. If you chose the last option you get three tops for $20 each! And the quality is fabulous. Since they only design and create three new pieces every season, they pour all of that energy into making them awesome.

Here are the three tops that were available this season:

The first shirt is The Ash. Elizabeth&Clarke describes it as “this season’s go-to piece for a chic summer look” and I agree. It is a navy and white striped shirt made out of a modal and cotton blend. The second shirt is The Cadwell which is made out of linen and “is perfect for a dignified, effortless look.” The third shirt is The Dalton, which is navy and features an interesting drape in the back. It is described as “that sharp, polished blouse missing from your wardrobe.”

I decided to only get the Ash, and then I chose two of their “forever collection” to round out my three. I’ve been really needing a plain white t-shirt, so I chose the Liz Lemon. Also, I figured I would get more use out of the Arden than this season’s Cadwell. I picked my shirts… and then I waited. June 1st (the ship date) came and I didn’t hear anything. Then about two weeks later the box showed up at my door. What’s weird is I got the shipping notice with tracking number after by box had already arrived…

Below are my shirts along with how I styled them. I’ve been super busy with the end of school and getting ready to move, so you’ll notice that the lighting is different because I took photographs on different days. Bear with me. 🙂

The Ash

This shirt is awesome. The pattern has the perfect ratio of white to navy and it’s super soft even after being washed! Speaking of washing, the information card that came with the shirts says that this top is machine washable, and can even be thrown in the dryer. I love this because then I don’t have to worry about doing it on accident. The shirt is loose and very comfortable, and the sleeves have been rolled once and pressed to keep them in place.

I love love LOVE stripes with floral, so I wanted to doing a couple outfits with that pattern combination. The first outfit is with my floral joggers from Golden Tote, a pendant necklace from Wantable (this review), and sandals. I have been waiting for this striped shirt (for three months remember) just to wear it with this skirt from Golden Tote in the second outfit. I chose a gold statement necklace from Stitch Fix and these TOMS from Trunk Club (this review). For the final outfit I broke away from floral and paired the shirt with my black scalloped shorts from Loft and another necklace from Wantable.

The Liz Lemon

This is not just any white shirt. This is THE white shirt – it is absolutely perfect in every way. I wish they made this shirt in every color. The Liz Lemon is made out of a modal/cotton blend that feels thick while still being soft and stretchy. The pocket on it is super cute too.

In the first outfit I wore coral shorts from Trunk Club (same review as above), my Wantable necklace, and floral flats from Golden Tote. In the second outfit I wanted to dress up the shirt a little bit, so I wore it with Dear John jeans from Stitch Fix, a blazer from Golden Tote, and my TOMS. I’m also wearing these really cool earrings that are made from real leaves that have been gold plated. My coolest accessory is my Little Man, who came to say hi while I was posing for photos. The third outfit is a maxi skirt I kept last year from Stitch Fix and a chambray shirt from Trendsend.

The Arden

The Arden is a really cute sleeveless blouse with a collar. I wanted this because I thought it would be good for summer, and I like the classic look with the collar as opposed to the French-front placket that the Cadwell has.

… Unfortunately this shirt is too big for me. The one thing that perplexes me about Elizabeth&Clarke is that their sizing seems really inconsistent. You would think that since they are making all of their shirts they would be able to size all of their shirts with the exact same dimensions. Or maybe it’s just that I expect different shirts to fit me a little differently. Another thing is I wish you could select different sizes for different shirts, but you just enter your size in your profile. I’m sure you could probably call customer service and have them adjust sizes when you pre-order, but I haven’t bothered to do that.
On the bright side, their return/exchange system is awesome. Just send them an email, and they will attach a prepaid return label so you can ship the shirts you don’t like back to them (just make sure you don’t toss the plastic bag the shirt comes in, or they won’t accept your return). I was hoping to exchange The Arden for the same shirt in a size 6, or what I really want is The White (I’m kicking myself that I didn’t request it in the first place). Unfortunately since their shirts are made to order once a season they didn’t have either of those options available.

But…… their customer service is apparently awesome, because what they’re going to do for me is credit my account, and then send me FOUR shirts in the Fall!!! That means I can get all three of the Fall collection AND still get The White. Best ever!

Speaking of the Fall Collection, here are the shirts that will be shipping on September 1st.

Make sure to sign up and pre-order them now. Which ones are you going to get?

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