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Last week I got my next box from Winc (formerly known as ClubW). I’m guessing they switched their name over, because it says Winc on the box now. If you would like to read more about Winc and the last box I received click here, here, here, and here.

2013 So This Happened…

Scan 2

This is the best name for a wine ever. Not only does it have an amusing name, it also has a great taste. The card describes it as “smooth-as-a-dream” and I would have to agree. It’s very drinkable and fruity, but not too sweet. I’m rating this wine 5 stars.

I’m making sure to rate my wines, because after every ten wines I get $10 in credit, which almost covers the cost of a bottle. The only thing better than wine is free wine.

The recipe pairing for this wine was BBQ ribs.

Scan 3

This is the second rib recipe that I’ve cooked from Winc, and it’s also my second favorite. I found the meat to be a little too salty, although I enjoyed the citrus note that the orange added to the dish.

We cheated a little bit on the recipe and didn’t grill the ribs after cooking them in the oven. This was partly out of laziness, and also because our grill still hasn’t been cleaned off after sitting dormant for an entire winter (ok… more laziness).

Despite that the meat was fall-of-the-bone tender, and aside from too much salt, delicious. Be sure to follow the blog if you want to hear about the other three wines that came in my box this month!

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