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It’s a white! I’m sure by now you thought I only drink reds. Another cool thing about ClubW is they let you select what ratio of red to white you want to receive. My husband and I prefer red to white, so we have it set up to receive 3 reds and 1 white every month. This white is the fourth and final bottle in my May box. The minimum monthly purchase from ClubW is three bottles, but we receive four so we don’t have to pay shipping.

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2015 WKND Sparkling Chenin Blanc

We’ve gotten a couple WKND wines since subscribing to ClubW and they’re pretty good. I like white wines that are either bubbly or sweet and this one is both. It is very effervescent and somewhere between fruity and flowery. I liked taking small sips of it, but it was difficult to drink more quickly than that. ClubW touts this wine as something people won’t believe you payed only $13 for, and I can see why. It would be a good Prosecco-style wine for celebrations, I’m just not sure I liked it for dinner. I rated this wine 4 out of 5 stars.

Smoked Salmon Platter

So, I say dinner, but the recipe is clearly meant to be more of a fancy party food. I did invite my mother and my sister over for dinner, so we sort of had a party.

This recipe was super easy to put together because there’s no cooking involved. The most preparation is the cream cheese. Making flavored cream cheese is super easy. Never again should you buy three flavors of cream cheese, eat half of each container, and throw the rest of them away. Just buy a tub of plain cream cheese and mix in whatever flavor you feel like! This recipe calls for chive and dill cream cheese. I chopped up some chives from our garden, some dill that we bought at the grocery store, and used a hand mixer to combine it with the cream cheese. I’ve never really had luck growing dill and we don’t use it very often… until now! I never knew that chives and dill would make such an awesome cream cheese! It’s a great choice with the salmon too, because dill pairs really well with fish.

Then you just chop up everything else, and lay it out for people to assemble their own sandwiches. We bought large poppy seed bagels and toasted them, but you could easily get those mini-bagels and make it more of a party food. I would also recommend an heirloom tomato instead of a regular one, but my husband is the one that did the grocery shopping. Not shown in the picture above is the mustard and the salmon. We purchased a tray of smoked salmon that came in three different “flavors”: pepper, dill, and traditional (which basically means nothing stuck to the edges). For my sandwich I chose the one with dill, since I was having a momentary love affair with the herb.

I love this bud vase that my husband and I received for our wedding. It was the perfect place to showcase chive flowers as the table centerpiece.

I absolutely love these sandwiches. Smoked salmon is one of my favorite things (I do live in the Pacific Northwest after all) and it’s complemented nicely by the cream cheese, tomatoes, and onions. The caper adds a bright burst of flavor that cuts through the fatty cream cheese and salmon. The wine paired really nicely with the flavors of the sandwich, and together they would be a great choice for a party.

Once again a great box from ClubW. I make sure to rate all of the wines I receive and I just earned $10 off of my next box! I’m also looking forward to my next box because they came out with their first cider, and I added it to my box (just in time too, because now the site says it’s no longer available). I can’t wait to try it! Have you tried ClubW? What do you think?

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