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So I decided to do a little experiment. I charged three different clothing subscription services with helping me to build my summer wardrobe. I gave all three the exact same “note” and will compare and contrast the service and the items received. This post is a reveal of the box from Trendsend by Evereve.

I recently received a trunk from Trunk Club asking for summer basics and kept an awesome pair of shoes, a trench coat, and two pairs of shorts. You can read that review here.

For this experiment I chose to get boxes from Stitch Fix, Wantable and Trendsend. Here is the note I gave to all three:

I’m looking for versatile summer basics, especially a chambray dress. I’m looking for pieces that will work well with each other and with clothing I already have.

I also sent them all the link to the same Pinterest board. I’ve received boxes from each before, but I made sure to update all the style surveys so they all reflect my current style and desire for summer clothes.

My Trendsend box was the first to arrive! (It was really fast! It came less than a week after I ordered it!) First I’ll start with a short description of how Trendsend works.

Trendsend is a subscription box run by the store Evereve, a store tailored to moms (although motherhood is not required). They charge a $20 styling fee which is non-refundable but does get applied to your final purchase. In your box comes 2-3 full outfits, and you have 5 days to try them on, purchase what you love, and send back the rest in a prepaid envelope.

Since Trendsend sends you outfits instead of individual pieces I was hopeful they would send me items that would work with each other. I was a little nervous, though, because the last box I got from was very boho (which isn’t really my style).

Let’s see what I got!

Outfit #1

Raw Edge Denim Tunic Dress

The details:

  • Cost: On sale for $54.99
  • Brand: Lumiere
  • Color: Denim
  • Size:
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Washing Instructions: Handwash/Lay flat

Initial impressions: I like this dress in theory. I’m concerned about the shift style. I’m an “inverted triangle” shape, which essentially means I have broad shoulders, large chest, narrow hips, and a fairly nonexistent backside. These traits mean that I usually prefer my dresses to be fit-n-flare in order to balance out my upper half and fake an hourglass shape. Also this dress is SUPER short. At least, I thought it was until I found it online and discovered it is actually a tunic. This just barely passes the fingertip test, so that’s two strikes against it.

The Looks:

For the first look I wanted to see what the dress looked like with simple accessories, so I chose my TOMS from Trunk Club and the Ella Necklace from Wantable (see my review of this necklace here).  For the second look I belted the dress to create an hourglass figure, added leggings (I would have chosen white but I don’t own any yet), a colorful scarf and my poppy Tieks. For the third look I went with a cardigan and necklace both from Stitch Fix and my TOMS again.

The Verdict: I love the color and personality of this dress, and the fact that it’s on sale is great too. I just wish it were longer and had more shape to it. This will unfortunately be returned.

Outfit #2

Striped Shirt Dress

(Couldn’t find this one on their website, but I found the same dress in a different color on Amazon.com)

The details:

  • Cost: On sale for $39.99
  • Brand: RD Style
  • Color: blue/white stripe
  • Size: M
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Washing Instructions: MW cold/Line dry

Initial Thoughts: I think it’s really cool that my stylist sent me two options for chambray dresses… however I wish she had chosen two that were more different from each other. Yes, upon first inspection these look different – this one is striped, has a collar and pockets, but it’s about the same length and has the same straight shape. Also, I wasn’t looking for a striped chambray dress, so I wasn’t excited about this one.

The Looks:

In order to compare the two dresses I styled them exactly the same way. The only downside of this strategy is I’m mixing stripes in the third outfit, which is a little weird. The chambray reads as a neutral in this case, so it’s not that bad, but if I kept this dress I wouldn’t  pair these two together.

The Verdict: This dress reminds me of the chambray dress I received in my first trunk from Trunk Club, that also looked too baggy and shapeless on me. I’m now of the opinion that this style of dress just doesn’t flatter my body shape. This one is also being returned.

Outfit #3

Born To Do This Tank

The details:

  • Cost: $48
  • Brand: Junk Food
  • Color: Licorice
  • Size: Medium
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Washing Instructions: MW cold/TD low

Initial Thoughts: I’m torn on this tank. I love the bright color and the font of the text but the cut is really awkward. I can see why my stylist sent the bralette – the arm holes are huge! I’ll try a cami underneath this tank, but I’m not sure it will be practical to keep it.

The looks:

I’m having serious thoughts about this tank, but I wanted to make sure I would wear it without needing a bralette. For the first look I added a chambray to cover the armholes and my floral joggers from Golden Tote. The second look was to test out a tank underneath. The white doesn’t look too bad… and I have a tank from Loft that’s really similar in color to the Junk Food tank. The third outfit sealed the deal. I LOVE this look. This is a chambray from J. Crew mercantile and these shorts from Loft. I love how the bright color of the tank contrasts with the texture of the crochet shorts, and the denim grounds the outfit.

Update: I love this tank! So glad I kept it – I even bought a bralette and have been wearing it that way!

Galloon Lace Halter

The details:

  • Cost: $38
  • Brand: Free People
  • Color: Ivory
  • Size: Large
  • Material: 90% nylon, 10% spandex
  • Washing Instructions: Handwash cold/lay flat to dry

Initial Thoughts: I noticed when I found the tank on Evereve’s website that the model is wearing the same ensemble. I’ve been curious about trying a bralette, but this one is too big in some places and too small in others. Also I can’t do halters. I’ve struggled with posture ever since puberty, and having something pull down at my neck just makes matters worse.


Here is an up close view of the bralette. The lace actually feels pretty substantial and the neck is reinforced.

Roll Up Short

The details:

  • Cost: $74
  • Brand: Kut from the Kloth
  • Color: Teamwork
  • Size: 6 (I’m usually an 8, so these must run large)
  • Material: 98% cotton, 2% spandex
  • Washing Instructions: MW cold/TD low or lay flat to dry

Initial Thoughts: I’m meh about the shorts. I used to hate distressing on jeans, and while it’s growing on me these are also boyfriend cut, which isn’t my jam. Also, and I never thought I would say this, I think these shorts are slightly too long for me.


Here are the shorts up close. I didn’t bother creating outfits because these shorts would look great with just about anything. You could throw on a tee for a casual look, or add a blazer to dress them up a bit.

The Verdict: I could use a pair of denim shorts, because I don’t have any, but these aren’t it. I don’t find the length of these flattering on me. I will also be returning the halter bralette because it doesn’t fit correctly. I’m totally keeping the tank though. I’m in love with it and wearing it as I type this. While I’m not keeping the bralette that was sent, I’m definitely going to be on the lookout for one now.

Outfit #4

Cross Front Tank

The details:

  • Cost: $48
  • Brand: Bobi
  • Color: White
  • Size: Large
  • Material: 100% cotton
  • Washing Instructions: MW cold/TD low

Initial thoughts: I was temporarily perplexed by this tank, and struggled a little to get it situated the way I thought it should be. It definitely emphasizes my chest, which I’m not sure is necessary. I like that it’s a non-basic basic, but since it’s white it’s see-through. This wouldn’t normally be a problem because I have a nude bra that is awesome, but since the tank overlaps itself in the front you can see where there is an extra layer and where there isn’t one, which I think would annoy me. This issue would be eliminated by wearing a white cami underneath, but in the summer I would rather not wear more layers than necessary.

The Johannesburg Pant

The details:

  • Cost: $68
  • Brand: Braeve
  • Color: Navy
  • Size: Medium
  • Material: 95% polyester, 5% spandex
  • Washing Instructions: MW cold/TD low

Initial thoughts: When I put the pants on my husband asked me why Trendsend sent me pajama pants. I attempted to convince him that these were NOT pajama pants, but I was unable to provide any evidence to the contrary. These pants are super soft, have an awesome elephant pattern, and pockets.

The Looks:

I like the look of the white tank with the pants, but for my outfits I wanted to try something different. Since the pants are so loose and flowy, it was actually really difficult for me to pick tops that didn’t make it look like I walked out of the house wearing pajamas. I wore the TOMS for all three looks, because the heel dresses them up a little and they’re casual enough for the style of the pants. For the first look I picked an embroidered tank from Golden Tote. The second is a chambray shirt I kept from a previous Trendsend box, and the third is a sleeveless blouse from Loft.

The Verdict: I’ll start with the tank first. I’m not a fan of the white. I would exchange the top for another color, but after comparing how it looks on me versus on the model, I can tell that it just doesn’t fit me correctly. Even though my stylist sized me up to a large it’s still not big enough to drape nicely, so this will be returned. I love everything about these pants. When I pulled them out of the box I thought for sure they were keepers… but for the price I’m not sure they’re practical. I discovered while styling them that it’s super difficult to keep them from looking like pajama pants – and I didn’t really have anything in my closet that looked great with them. For those reasons I will sadly be returning them.


While I didn’t keep one of the chambray dresses, which is what I was actually looking for, I did keep a tank that I think I’ll get a lot of use out of. I also got to try out a bralette, which I have been curious about for awhile. One of my favorite things about these clothing subscriptions is that I get to try new things without being committed to keeping it. I would definitely recommend Trendsend if you’re looking to try something new. I also love how they pay special attention to moms. Have you tried Trendsend? What do you think of them?

This is not a sponsored post and all opinions and photos are my own. This post contains affiliate links. If you click on a link and purchase a product I will receive a small commission. All earnings help me continue running this blog. Thank you!