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It’s almost mid-May, which means that a new set of chosen items from Golden Tote are going to be released soon. It’s been a month and a half since I purchased my last tote from them, and I’m itching to do it again. I’ve decided to temporarily appease myself by writing this post on why I love Golden Tote so much.

All photos and opinions in this post are my own. I did not receive compensation for this post. If you sign up for a service using my referral link I will receive a small amount of credit.

8. It’s not actually a subscription service

Technically Golden Tote is not really a subscription service, because they don’t automatically bill you and send you a tote. You have to go online (usually on “Tote Day”) and purchase a tote. New clothing is released monthly, and sometimes even halfway through the month. I say sometimes because they don’t always release new “chosens” half way through the month, but they have since I started buying totes in January.

Tote day is really exciting because everyone rushes in to pick their chosen items and buy a tote. By exciting I also mean nerve-wrecking. It’s a rush to get the items you want before someone else buys them. Golden Tote posts what will be released beforehand with descriptions of the items, measurements, washing instructions, etc so you can go into it with a plan. I usually pick which two items I want, and then pick two more backup items just in case!

After you complete your tote, you can add on additional items for a reduced price, more on that later. Or you can buy a second tote. Or a third tote! That’s another nice thing about it not being a subscription service, is you can basically buy as many totes as you want, whenever you want!

7. The clothes are awesome

Golden Tote was created by the makers of Puella, a brand sold by Anthropologie. A couple of the chosen items are made by Puella, but they have other brands too – some are the same as other clothing subscription services. My favorite brands they carry are Gilli, Skies are Blue, and MAK. They also have Collective Concepts, Jella C, Le Lis, and many others.

Below are some pictures of chosen items from Golden Tote:

In the first photo are Just Black jeans and a Lumière cardigan. The polka dot top was a surprise item by Gilli. The floral dress is by Janette Fashion. The striped dress is by Lovestitch and the jacket is by Ellison.

The shoes pictured in these and all of the following photos are these TOMS that I kept from Trunk Club. Read the review of my first trunk here!

Coming soon is an all Puella quarterly tote. I’m super excited for this to be released for the summer quarter. We’re all anxiously waiting.

6. The Surprise Factor

In your totes you will receive your chosen items, but you will also receive a number of surprise items. The pool of surprise items is completely different from the pool of chosen items, and you have no idea what it will be until they arrive. Unlike with Stitch Fix, you can’t cheat and see what’s in your tote until the day it arrives. I LOVE this aspect of Golden Tote because I love to be surprised. The surprises are curated, and the stylists do an amazing job of picking things. Sometimes surprises are leaked via Instagram, or you will see other people post reveals of surprises, and you can try requesting them in your tote. I’ve gotten requests before, but usually I love the things my stylist picked for me more. My stylist knows me better than I know myself!

Here are some of the surprises I’ve received in the past:

The striped dress and the tank are both Gilli, and the Floral dress is by Bo Bel. The scarf is also from Golden Tote.

5. The prices are super reasonable

The prices of the totes just recently changed, so here is the updated price of each tote and what you receive in them. For $149 you can purchase “The Golden Tote” with two chosen items and three surprise items. For $59 you can purchase “The Mini Tote” with one chosen item and one surprise item. Don’t like any of the chosen items? Not to worry! For $89 you can buy “The Surprise Tote” which will be filled with three surprise items.

If you haven’t been doing the math this comes out to roughly $30 per item, which is ridiculous. I’ve paid more than twice that amount for clothing from the exact same brands through other subscription services. Golden Tote is a great deal!

Here are two pairs of jeans by Just Black. The pair on the left are from Golden Tote and I paid $30 for them. The pair on the right were $68 from Stitch Fix.

Here are two dresses by Gilli. The dress on the left I paid $25 through Golden Tote, and the dress on the right from Stitch Fix was $58. The quality is comparable too. In fact, the blue dress is lined whereas the fuchsia is dress is not.

The one catch is these prices are an all or nothing kind of deal. You can return part of a tote, but then the prices revert to boutique prices which are comparable to other services.

Love your tote but you’re not in love with a surprise item? Don’t return it! They have a solution for that!

4. Board purchases and sales

Golden Tote has a Buy/Sell/Trade group on Facebook, and this is one of the best features of the service. If you’re not in love with all of your items, instead of returning the tote and losing some of the items you love, you can sell or trade your items to other ladies.

Prices are set by the seller, and they have a wide range, also depending on whether the item being sold was a chosen or a surprise.

This also means if there was an item you just had to have and didn’t receive you can usually find someone selling it. Here are some items that I’ve recently purchased or traded for on the boards.

The floral, Jella C skirt was a surprise leaked on Facebook and I just had to have it. Someone was selling it so I snatched it up for $30 including shipping. The Le Lis tank was a surprise item that I almost gave up on finding, but ended up purchasing off the boards for $25. I traded a Renee C blouse that I wasn’t in love with for the pink Gilli dress.

3. The PIF board

I describe this board as the “Kidney Exchange” for clothes. If you have an item from Golden Tote that you’re really struggling to get rid of for whatever reason you can post it on the PIF board. I guarantee it will be snatched up in five minutes or less. Those ladies are like piranhas. Once someone has “claimed” your item, have them send you a PM with their address, and you ship the item to them on your dime. First Class through USPS is usually around $3 if the package is less than 13oz.

You can also claim an item from the PIF board, but it can be tricky because items go so fast. The idea is you give an item and take an item. You don’t want to claim an item without posting one in return because that breaks the chain. I wait until I see an item I would like to try, and then after I claim it I post my own item.

2. The customer service

The customer service of Golden Tote is amazing. They really care that you love their service, and they will try to fix any problems you have.”Jen Goldentote”has personally helped me a couple of times. Most recently I purchased these floral joggers that were on final sale. Golden Tote shipped them, but then for a week the USPS tracking just said “pre-shipment” (it actually still says that…). I contacted Jen and after it became clear that my package wasn’t going anywhere she send me a second package along with a cute bracelet!

Here are the joggers. They are so comfy I think I’m going to live in them. I wish now I had bought them in the other color when they were still available.

1. The community

The best thing about Golden Tote is definitely the community. Even though I came to Golden Tote for the cute clothes at inexpensive prices, the ladies at Golden Tote and in the Facebook group are what is going to keep me buying totes. Everyone in the group is really nice, and they are always ready to compliment how you look in a dress, and give you advice on how to style certain pieces. There is definitely a camaraderie around being obsessed with this fashion service.

Have you tried Golden Tote? What is your favorite part about it?


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