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This post is about the second bottle in the box of wine I received from ClubW for the month of May. You can read my initial post about ClubW to hear about the first bottle and get a rundown of how this subscription works.

2015 Pacificana Pinot Noir

In the past my preferred way of picking out wine was based on the label. Ironically every bottle I have received from ClubW has had a pretty label. I really appreciate the mix of blues and oranges in this one. At least now the wines are chosen based off of my specific preferences, and not my aesthetic alone.

This wine is a Pinot Noir. I can tell I’ve really grown a lot in my taste for wine. We served three wines at our wedding, and the Pinot blend was the wine we chose to include just to have a red available. Despite probably being the best wine, my husband and I preferred the sweet Riesling. Since then we’ve become more of a fan of red wines, and this bottle is no exception.
The recipe that went along with this wine is called Cuban Coffee Churrasco. We’ve received a few wines now that have pairings based off restaurant recipes, and I’m not really a fan. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE eating at restaurants but I find those recipes a little too complicated to make at home. For starters, my grocery store didn’t have any passion fruit, and then I didn’t feel like the plating needed to be that fancy for a Monday night at home. So what will follow is a modified version of the recipe.

Here are the ingredients for the rub. It includes salt, pepper, brown sugar, coffee, coriander, garlic powder and onion powder. It made quite a lot. Probably more than we needed.

We coated our flank steak and actually let it sit overnight instead of an hour and a half. While that will give your meat a deeper flavor, our choice to do that was mostly based on our schedules. It’s difficult to let meat sit for an hour without eating at 8pm.

I decided that the one “fancy” thing from this recipe I was going to do was make brown butter. I put fancy in quotes because it’s actually really easy, and it gives the butter a rich, nutty flavor. You begin by melting butter in a pan.

Yes. That is an entire stick of butter. Brown butter keeps pretty well in the refrigerator or frozen, and I knew it would be easier to work with a larger amount of butter.

And you just let it go! You want to do this at a low temp. The first thing that will happen is bubbles will form as the water in the butter is boiling off. This can be a little messy – I wore an apron to keep butter off of my clothes, but you could also do this in a saucepan to cut down on the splatter. The solids will separate from the rest of the butter. At this point you could harvest the liquid as clarified butter, which is really good for dipping clams into.

Before too long you will see the milk solids turning brown. That’s how you know you’re almost done….

And it’s brown! I seasoned mine with salt, because I buy unsalted butter, and then just scooped the liquid out with a spoon to avoid the burnt milk fat. You could strain it through cheesecloth but I didn’t have any on hand.

Here is the finished brown butter alongside the steak and some grilled green onions. We haven’t cleaned our outdoor grill yet after a winter of neglect, so I just used a grill pan on the stovetop.

I sliced the steak against the grain, piled it up with the onion, and drizzled the brown butter on top. I have to say, I wasn’t a huge fan of this recipe. Either the passion fruit has some magic power that was missing from this dish, or more likely the rub was too salty. In the future if I made this again I would use less rub and cut the salt down.

The wine on the other hand was excellent. It was very drinkable but not too sweet. According to ClubW‘s Head Winemaker this wine “is the jam!” It does have a jammy flavor to it, and has “red licorice and black cherry” notes. The flavor reminded me of those chocolates with liquor filling. I thought it was very yummy, and definitely brought my spirits back up after the meat was kind of a let down. I rated it 5 out of 5 stars!

This wine’s other suggested pairings are chicken, pork, potatoes, mushroom flatbread, farro risotto, and aged Gouda. Another great aspect of ClubW is it’s easy to go back and order more of the same wine. You can add another bottle to your box, or you can save money by buying a case of the wine. Unfortunately this wine is currently out of stock. Probably because it’s so awesome.

Interested in trying ClubW? If you are I would appreciate it if you used my referral link.