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Welcome to Subsession! In this post all images and opinions are my own. I support my obsessions with my own money, and do not receive compensation for my reviews. Some links in this post are my referral links, and if you sign up for a service using one of them I will receive a small amount of credit to fund my obsessions. Thank you for reading.

I know nothing about wine. Well ok… I know it’s made out of grapes and it comes in two different colors. Other than that I know nothing about wine except that I like to drink it. I used to go to the store and find a bottle of wine with a pretty label that was reasonably-priced. Now I sit at home and let ClubW do all of the work for me. My family has subscribed to ClubW (soon to be rebranded as WINC) for a few months and it has made wine drinking super easy and super delicious.

Before you even create an account ClubW gets to know your palette by asking a series of six questions. These questions have nothing to do with wine, but still give them an idea of what your taste in wine will be. They then use this information to recommend wines for you. For reference, here is a description of my palette:

I take my coffee with cream, it bothers me when food is under-salted, I like citrus, I like earthy flavors like mushrooms, and I will eat raw berries by the handful. I’m also pretty adventurous and enjoy trying new things. ClubW took this information and determined that I like fruity wines with body – as opposed to earthy/woody wines.

With ClubW you will get monthly shipments of 3 bottles of wine at $13 a bottle. There are lots of ways to save with ClubW too. I get 4 bottles of wine a month in order to avoid shipping costs, and I make sure to rate each bottle of wine because if I rate 10 bottles I will get $10 credit. You can also purchase credits in order to receive a significant savings. Also, if you sign up with my referral link you can save $13 on your first order (that’s a free bottle of wine!).

When you receive your wine you will also get an information card for each bottle describing the wine and also a recipe for a suggested pairing. This is my favorite part, because while I know next to nothing about wine, I do know a lot about food.

2015 Blind Spot Malbec

This is a review of one of the bottles of wine I received along with the recipe pairing. I mentioned earlier that I receive 4 bottles of wine per month, but I will be doing posts of one bottle at a time.

According to the card this wine was fermented in containers made out of stainless steel instead of oak which gives it vibrant fruit and floral notes. To me it tastes like cherry in a really good, non-cough syrup, way. Despite this it is not my favorite wine I’ve received from them because it has a fairly harsh flavor. I rated it 3 out of 5 stars. It did pair pretty well with the suggested recipe: Honey Sesame Brisket Bao.

This recipe was delicious. It’s the second Asian dish I’ve prepared from their recipe and both have been favorites of mine. This one was full of flavor and super easy to make.

We bought brisket at a local meat market to use for this recipe. It has a really robust flavor – much better than you would get at a supermarket and I love supporting local businesses whenever I can. The brisket cooks for 2-3 hours and gets really tender. Once the meat is done you just chop it up and mix in the flavorful glaze made with honey, soy sauce, and ginger.

The result is a tasty little bun full of flavor. The cilantro adds freshness to the rich, sweet meat and really brings it all together. We didn’t take the time to to find the steamed buns, so we substituted them with some sweet dinner rolls. The result was still delicious.

I love ClubW because they make it easy and affordable to drink great wine and make good food from the comfort of my own home. I highly recommend giving them a try.

Have you tried ClubW? What do you think?